vancouver, canada

i find something cool in the way lexie tjernagel presents herself online.
maybe it's all the adidas, her candid, not-so-candid snaps, or how well she dresses down in streetwear, but looks equally 💣 dressed up. her feed appears so well-intentioned with its careful mix of jay-z and beyonce reposts, and her grainy film-style focused/unfocused pics. did i also mention she makes some incredible tunes on soundcloud?
we had been following each other on instagram probably since we originally made our accounts, but we would've first met just more than 10 years ago in the same middle school. this would have also been the last time we would've encountered each other until now.
we wanted to aim for a different style of location, but we ended up at dr. sun yat-sen classical gardens in vancouver's chinatown instead.
despite the abundant number of people touring the gardens during our shoot, we made it work anyway. it was all about beating them to the next location.
during this shoot, i was also able to experiment with some other shooting techniques (can you spot them?), which was fun.
i'm excited to work with her again this fall, so stay tuned!

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